From starting off to taking off

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You started your online business only recently. What you need now is a logistics provider so you may dedicate more time to your brand and your products. Start off with 1,000+ orders per month

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Get started in a few weeks

Integrating logistics need not take months nor drain your resources. Simply use our Plug & Play set-up.

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Run your business digitally

Our web-based myFIEGE portal lets you access all reports and information in real time. This is how you always stay in the know.

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Invest in your brand

With FIEGE NOW, you start off without setting-up fees and maintain complete control of all costs. This leaves you with more of your budget for your brand. Which ultimately means more business for us all.

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Enjoy total freedom

No fixed contract term, no minimum quantities. This is how you remain flexible, always. Our customers stay with us because they are satisfied – not because they have signed long-term contracts.

Our services for boosting your eCommerce business

There’s more! There are many other brands that trust in our know-how.

The fast, smooth system integration did it for us. We value both flexibility and the commitment that FIEGE NOW gives us in offering the best possible service to our members, all while speeding up our future growth.
Felix Lobkowicz
Uncorrupted Beauty