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Your Plug & Play solution for efficient eCommerce fulfillment – whether you are a start-up, an SME, or a big player.

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As a full-service provider, we handle incoming goods, storage, order picking and packaging, returns management, shipping, and many more eCommerce services.

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Always the right solution for your requirements

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From the first order


You started your online business only recently. What you need now is a logistics provider so you may dedicate more time to your brand and your products. We are here to help you from your very first order.

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from 1,000 Orders/ month


You already have eCommerce experience. What you need now is a logistics partner who will help you grow across a range of channels and in new markets. Start off with 1,000+ orders per month.

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From 5,000 orders/ Month


Your business is a well-established player in the market. Your goal: to find a full-service logistics provider with high quality standards who will assist you with your strategic decisions.

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There’s more! There are many other brands that trust in our know-how.

Our services for boosting your eCommerce business

step 1

Connect your online shop and send us your products 

After contracting our services, we start straight away with the integration of your online shop. You can use one of our free plugins for leading shop systems for this. Alternatively, simply interface your Enterprise Resource Planning System or Order Management System with our FIEGE Material Management System. Thanks to our JSON Rest APIs, all processes are fully automated. After synchronising your products and SKUs, we will schedule your deliveries to our FIEGE NOW warehouse location.


Step 2

Adaptable warehousing at our FIEGE multi-user centre

The logistical processing is handled directly at our own FIEGE NOW warehouse locations. This is how we guarantee full controllability of operational processes and flows as well as inherent quality and social standards. Capacities can be scaled flexibly during periods of growth and peak times. After storing your merchandise, we will immediately notify you of your inventory levels via interface. And NOW, everything is ready to go!


Step 3

You sell – we pick, pack, and ship

Automated processing starts right away as soon as a customer ordered something in your online shop. We receive your sales orders and pick, pack, and hand over your merchandise on the same day to premier delivery service providers. This leaves you with more time to care for your products and customers.


sTep 4

Wow your customers

Fast fulfillment, sustainable packaging materials, transparent delivery service – your eCommerce logistics is a main driver of customer satisfaction. Wow your customers with eCommerce fulfillment by FIEGE NOW.


It takes only four steps to wow your customers

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Benefit from the fast and easy integration of your shop system 

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Looking for a fulfillment warehouse in Germany? Then FIEGE NOW is just right for you

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You will find us where you need us – Acquire access to our fulfillment warehouse in Austria

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