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Accelerator - Brainstormende Gruppe

You already have eCommerce experience. What you need now is a logistics partner who will help you grow across a range of channels and in new markets. Start off with 10,000+ orders per month.

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Parcels delivered on the same day as ordered and best-in-class lead times secure the fast and smooth shipment right to your customers’ doorstep.

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Peak load Management

With the help of our IT experts and specialists we scale things without a hitch for you. Especially when demand is high, our service impresses with dependability and capacities that meet your needs.

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No monthly fixed charges

You only pay for what was ordered. Our aim is to grow as you grow. Our support for your fulfilment requirements comes without fixed charges for your business.

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Enjoy total freedom

No fixed contract term, no minimum quantities. This is how you remain flexible, always. Our customers stay with us because they are satisfied – not because they have signed long-term contracts.

Our services for boosting your eCommerce business

There’s more! There are many other brands that trust in our know-how.

We value the good, swift communication with our dedicated contacts and the smooth processing at FIEGE NOW. As a logistics partner, FIEGE NOW is the perfect fit for our needs.
Maik Schwede & Patrick Blaschke