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Fulfillment starter package


  • Receipt of incoming containers, pallets, and boxes
  • Visual inspection of your merchandise and reconciliation with shipping documents
  • Storage of your merchandise within two working days following delivery in accordance with our operating regulations


  • Storage on pallet racks and shelving
  • Different warehouse and order picking areas
  • Adaptable scalability of warehouse space


  • Reduced error rate due to double scan during Pick & Pack process
  • Printing and addition of shipping labels and supporting documents (delivery note, invoice, return slip, return label)
  • Products are packaged safely in sustainable cardboard boxes (including filler material)


  • Receipt of returns and inspection for accuracy and completeness
  • ABC classification of returned item and reconditioning
  • Return to storage as available stock or blocked stock
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BBD and batch management

You may specify a Best Before Date (BBD) or a specific batch for processing when transmitting your order to us. Otherwise, we handle merchandise as FEFO: First Expired – First Out. This means that we will first ship those items whose BBD is next. As soon as the BBD has been reached, the batch is no longer available for shipping.

  • BBD Management
  • Batch Management
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You may send us specific packing instructions at order level or item level for any order. This is how our teams know which value-added services to include at the packing station. This includes the addition of promotional leaflets such as non-targeted or targeted flyers as well as greeting cards. Attaching stickers, using tissue paper or customised cardboard boxes and many other customised features are included here.  

  • Marketing materials
  • Customisation
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B2B fulfillment

In addition to D2C ("direct-to-consumer") fulfillment, we can also handle your B2B ("business-to-business") fulfillment. We pick and ship your goods to pop-up stores, stationary retailers or marketplace providers such as Amazon, Zalando, Douglas, Flaconi and many more.

  • B2B order creation in the system
  • Packaging according to the specifications of the B2B partner
  • Creation of delivery documents
Services and Fees

Fulfillment - Manage your eCommerce business

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Step 1

Connect your online shop and send us your products

After contracting our services, we start straight away with the integration of your online shop. You can use one of our free plugins for leading shop systems for this. Alternatively, simply interface your Enterprise Resource Planning System or Order Management System with our FIEGE Material Management System. Thanks to our JSON Rest APIs, all processes are fully automated. After synchronising your products and SKUs, we will schedule your deliveries to our FIEGE NOW warehouse location.


Step 2

Adaptable warehousing at our FIEGE multi-user centre

The logistical processing is handled directly at our own FIEGE NOW warehouse locations. This is how we guarantee full controllability of operational processes and flows as well as inherent quality and social standards. Capacities can be scaled flexibly during periods of growth and peak times. After storing your merchandise, we will immediately notify you of your inventory levels via interface. And NOW, everything is ready to go!


Step 3

You sell – we pick, pack, and ship

Automated processing starts right away as soon as a customer ordered something in your online shop. We receive your sales orders and pick, pack, and hand over your merchandise on the same day to premier delivery service providers. This leaves you with more time to care for your products and customers.


Step 4

Wow your customers

Fast fulfillment, sustainable packaging materials, transparent delivery service – your eCommerce logistics is a main driver of customer satisfaction. Wow your customers with eCommerce fulfillment by FIEGE NOW.


It takes only four steps to wow your customers

Manage your eCommerce business with myFIEGE


Keeping operations under control

Control your daily eCommerce operations with our ticketing system. Our Operations Control module allows you to initiate or respond to tickets that have been created to solve problem cases and special activities. Keep track of the status of your tickets, whether they are open, being processed, or have already been closed. This allows you to communicate with ease and directly with the FIEGE NOW warehouse location.

myFIEGE Operations Control


Receive valuable insights about your eCommerce business in real time

Analyse your eCommerce operations based on a range of reports in real time. Check your stock levels and the storage places that they occupy. Track the performance of inbound and outbound goods as well as of returns management. Your reporting history comes as a daily view or as an overview of a date range you can select. To further analyse your information, simply export your data.

myFIEGE Reporting


Follow the status of your orders

The Order Flow module offers a detailed view per order, showing everything from receipt of order to the booking of a return. You need to modify the shipping address for an order, or cancel an order altogether? This is easily done any time before the shipping label has been printed. Use the tracking link of the respective delivery service to follow shipments all the way to your customers’ doorstep.


myFIEGE Order Flow